These Creative Exercises Can Boost Your Problem Solving Skills



Problem solving is important in every business. You want a team working with you who are creative problem solvers and can assist you in coming up with new ideas and solutions for setbacks. However, the ability to solve a problem quickly is not an inherent skill all people have. If you and your team find yourselves stuck on an issue, then try out some of these helpful exercises to get the creative juices flowing.


 This is a technique when you need to resolve a problem. Get your group together and give everyone a piece of paper. Have your team members write down potential solutions to problems. Encourage people to be as creative as they possibly can be. There are no bad solutions at this stage.

After everyone has a few minutes to jot some ideas down, have them pass their piece of paper to the person sitting next to them. People can read through the ideas and add to them. Not all of the solutions are going to be winners, but this should narrow it down to a few good ideas that are worthy of discussion. The great thing about this problem solving trick is that it gets everyone involved and everyone feels as though they are contributing.


 Your company might be in a real pickle. Unfortunately, there is no magic wand to resolve it, but to get people thinking, it can be helpful and fun to tell people to mention an ideal solution. These can be as fantastic as possible. You just want to get people talking. After you have a few wild ideas on the table, start talking about why they are impossible. This can bring people’s focus onto what exactly the problem is and hopefully your team can come up to some practical solutions.

Storyboarding and Sketching

 It can be difficult to fully grasp the extent of a problem with just words. You do not have to be a professional artist to storyboard some simple panels of the problem you and your teammates are facing. Take some time to draw the issue out so that people can better wrap their heads around it. Invite other people to sketch. This may also assist you in spotting connections you would not have been aware of otherwise.

Everyone has their own tricks for resolving a conundrum. These problem solving exercises may work great for you, or you might find that something else really kicks your brain into high gear. Try as many things out as possible to see what is beneficial.


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