Maximising the Results of your Email Marketing A/B Testing

Performing A/B tests is a fairly straightforward task – change some components, do comparisons and choose the winner. The same can be said about email A/B testing. Simply come up with some different subject lines, test them and choose the best. While this means you are picking the best idea, it doesn’t necessarily mean you are picking the better email. There are other ways to use this type of testing for your emails, and you can use the results for several things, including feature planning, sales and branding.


When it comes to feature planning, it may be hard to determine which feature you need to focus the most attention on. It may also be difficult to prioritize which improvements would be best for your users. Here’s where email A/B testing can help. Simply test upcoming improvements for various features and you can gain some insights that would be useful for product planning. You can determine exactly what changes grab a user’s attention. You might even consider testing a question regarding what users would like added to one feature versus another. This method is very helpful for startups.


Email A/B testing can additionally be useful when it comes to generating benefits for your sales team. They would surely appreciate some tests on how valuable customers interact with various phrasings of core features. There are different ways to conduct such tests. A good method is to build an email that contains links to your features. You would then test different headlines. Those who are big on statistics could even randomize the order.


You can also use email A/B testing for product branding. If you are about to introduce a new feature but don’t know what to call it, you can run a test. In this test, send a sneak peek email to the highly-engaged users to find out what grabs their attention most. Product and feature branding can feel personal, so this test may seem odd. However, it is quite important and testing can give you the results you are looking for. The email does not need to be super fancy, because you are just running a simple test.


Email testing can even be good for retention. You need to find out what is getting people hooked. How can you do this? One option is to introduce new users to your best features first. Additionally, you can send an email to try to win back people who are leaving. Use each of these tests to maximize your results.



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