Lead Generation Tips for More Website Conversions

When it comes to lead generation, a lot goes into creating an effective strategy. Today, the internet provides people with many choices, including the ability to decide on which ads to view. Now more than ever, if you are looking to generate leads, you must do much more than simply capture the attention of people. You’ve got to do it in such a way that makes these people want to know more. A smart strategy incorporates valuable offers and experiences designed to fit in with what people want. Below are some tips to follow.

Call to action placement plays an essential role when it comes to lead generation. Despite this fact, marketers are still not spending enough time perfecting this strategy. A good rule of thumb is to place your call to action in a place on the webpage where people will naturally look first. When viewing a page, it is common for people to look in an F-shaped pattern. First, they look at top left corner, then over to the top right. People then typically look down the left side, and then over to the right. Placing your call to action in the right spot can make all the difference.

You can additionally use social media for lead generation. On sites like Facebook and Twitter, you can promote your blog posts and bring more people to your website. Do this regularly, and post links to your offer landing pages that have been performing well in terms of generating leads.

You should also use pop-ups the right way. People often make the mistake of placing them in a way that disrupts the experience of people on their websites. However, when used correctly, they can work well. Use pop-ups in a way that helps your inbound strategy by making them helpful. For instance, ensure they are offering people something relevant and valuable. Consider the page and how the pop-up is triggered. Perhaps when someone is reading one of your blog posts, you may include a slide-in that enters a certain way down the page. Or, if it is a product page, you might use a pop-up that offers a discount after the person has been viewing the page for a specific amount of time.

If you are looking for lead generation, you may also use an anchor text call to action. This type of call to action is a standalone line of text found in a blog post that contains a link to a landing page. Use these tips to generate more leads for your business.






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