How to Use Visual Content to Get Better Conversion Rates

Getting a visitor to go to your website is great. However, you need sufficient conversion rates to turn those idle visitors into customers who are actually buying something. There are plenty of ways you can entice people to make a purchase, and a big part of that comes down to visual content. There is written content, which is what your blog and product descriptions are. Written content is great, but you need something a little extra. Customers these days have plenty of options, so you need to convince them your business is somehow different or better than everyone else. Incorporating visuals into your website design is a superb way to accomplish this.

Visual pieces of content refer to pictures, and you should have plenty of images on your website that adequately show the products you have to offer. However, in addition to posting pictures, you might want to think about using video as well. Videos often get overlooked by a lot of companies, but the truth of the matter is that you can provide a more personable feel if you show that you put in the effort to make your own little movies. Your website visitors are going to have a much more interactive experience if they get to watch a video showing how a product is supposed to be used rather than forcing them to read paragraphs of text. Visual content can also take the form of virtual tours where your visitors are automatically shown around your website to see all you have to offer.

Images and videos are also beneficial on social media channels. Some networks are explicitly designed for you to post pictures as a way of staying in touch with your customer base. For example, Pinterest is an excellent platform for uploading attractive pictures of your products so that your followers can peruse them at their leisure. Instagram is also great for pictures, and it will also allow you to upload short videos. The real social media giants currently out there are Facebook and Twitter. These are exceptional platforms for sharing links, infographics and any other materials you want.

Above all else, keep in mind that people are ultimately visiting your website because they want further information. That material can either be presented in a boring way that has been done a million times before, or it can be unique and exciting. Visual content is an amazing supplement to your written content, and it will make you stand out in your prospective customers’ minds.


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