Don’t Make These Marketing Automation Mistakes


Marketing automation refers to software that spontaneously sends you information relevant to your marketing strategies. It tells you how many people are clicking on your inbound links, how many people are actually opening your newsletters, how well you are engaging with people over social media and so much more. However, it is easy to make a mistake and not get the most out of this system.

Mistake #1: No Clear Goal in Mind

 Automating your marketing process is great and can save you the hassle of collecting metrics on your own. However, there is no way to benefit if you do not know what to do with the information given. Before you utilize any software, you need to know precisely how you intend to use the numbers provided to you. To get the greatest return on investment, you need a sound business plan in place.

Mistake #2: Send Too Many Emails

 While you want to send newsletters out regularly, you do not want to be aggressively annoying. People who wanted to stay in the loop about your business might be bothered and unsubscribe. Your metrics might also end up being all over the place if a lot of your emails do poorly but a select few do better. Be strategic in your email list. It is always preferable to focus on quality as opposed to quantity. Send out good emails on a regular basis and see how those pieces of content do.

Mistake #3: No Lead Generation

 To get any value out of your marketing automation, you want your contact list to be valuable. Many companies make the mistake of simply purchasing an email list and sending newsletters to a bunch of random people. You are not doing yourself any favors with that strategy. Consumers do not like being bothered with something they did not ask for. Only send emails to people who have opted in.

Mistake #4: Use Too Many Tools

 When it comes to acquiring information about your marketing metrics, you want one type of software to do everything. It becomes a hassle if you have to check in with different systems to see how different marketing strategies are doing. Numerous programs are available that can handle everything, so invest in one of those.

You are already ahead of the pack if you manage to avoid some of these common pitfalls associated with marketing automation. A comprehensive marketing strategy needs to involve regular check-ins to see how well it is holding up and what needs to be altered.


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